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Gum Disease and Diabetes


Do you suffer from bleeding, swollen gums, bad breath, loose teeth or difficulty chewing?

Watch out, because those are all signs of periodontal (gum) disease.

Gum disease is an infection of the gum tissue and bone that support your teeth in your mouth. This infection can eventually result in an unstable base for your teeth and lead to teeth needing to be removed, or in extreme cases, becoming so loose that they fall out on their own.

Periodontal disease is a primary cause of tooth loss in adults. Yet, many adult do not know that they have periodontal disease.

Poor oral hygiene can cause red, bleeding gums (gingivitis) which is an inflammation of the gums. But, left untreated, gingivitis can lead to periodontitis which is an infection. As with most infections, specific bacteria are involved in the development and worsening of periodontitis.

The mouth is the "gateway" to the rest of the body. This means that an oral infection such as periodontal disease can lead to increased risk for more serious health problems involving the entire body. Research has shown that untreated oral infections such as periodontitis can increase the individual's risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and poor pregnancy outcomes. Source: Journal of the Canadian Dental Association (2010).

An important part of staying healthy is to control and eliminate oral infections such as periodontal disease. As well, untreated periodontal disease is one cause of bad breath (halitosis).

Kaydental can provide a diagnosis and treatment for oral infections that cause periodontal disease, as well as bacteria that can cause halitosis (bad breath). The OraVital System, available at Kaydental, uses microbiological testing and anti-microbial rinses, along with regular cleanings and check-ups, to treat bad breath.

Early detection of gum disease can lead to proper treatment. If not treated, gum disease may lead to bone and tooth loss and increased risk for other health conditions. If you're worried about gum disease, call us today and schedule an appointment for a periodontal examination.

If you're worried about gum disease, call us today.

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