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Emergency Dental Care in North York

Questions about emergency dental care? Here are some guidelines to follow in ensuring you receive the proper treatment when you need it.

The following cases require immediate dental care

  • Lost teeth can sometimes be replaced. Place the lost tooth in its socket or in a glass of milk and get to the dentist within 30 minutes to give the dentist a better chance of re-implanting it.
  • If you break or chip a tooth, save the chip. Your dentist may be able to use it to repair your tooth.
  • Do not remove broken brace wires yourself. Leave that job to your dentist.

The following cases, although not urgent, do require attention:
  • swelling and pain, which could be signs of an infection
  • loose teeth and bleeding gums, which may be signs of disease
  • lost fillings
  • early loss of primary teeth in children, which may require a spacer

If you have any of these symptoms, please contact our North York dental office to schedule an appointment. Early detection is the best way to prevent small problems from becoming big ones.
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